Your Contribution

We need help. Sefton is a big place, and a lot of knowledge about our local area only exists in our head. Luckily, contributing to Sefton Digital is easy.

We need community members to contribute as much knowledge of possible before it is lost forever.

To reward our community for contributing, we offer the following:

  • Community Contributors Badge
    • Ranked in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, these badges let everybody in the community know you have contributed.
  • Contribution Bounties
    • From time to time, we will offer a cash reward for hard to find items. Look out on archive posts for active bounties.

How to contribute to Sefton Digital:

All contributions should be submitted through the Contact page.


Every post will have commenting enabled via Facebook, if you have any additional information, knowledge, or stories share them with us with a comment. We may include your comments in the archive post directly.

Submitting Content

Do you have something that you think would make a good archive entry? We encourage you to get in touch with us using the Contact page. You can upload multiple files on there, and give us information which we can include in the archive entry.


If an archive post has a bounty active, please submit the requested item through our Contact page. Upon verification that the bounty has been achieved, we will contact you to organize your cash reward.


Do you want to correct an archive entry? Simply use the Contact page, and include a link to the offending archive entry. We aim to have the most accurate entries in our archives, so we’ll consider this a contribution, and credit you in the archive post.

Our Contribution

The Sefton Digital Group will honour the following:

  1. Sefton Digital will collaborate and work together with community members.
  2. Sefton Digital will recognize the importance of contributors helping to achieve our mission.
  3. Sefton Digital will always recognize and credit contributors for their help in building our archive.
  4. Sefton Digital will cover all fixed costs associated with running the archive, for as long as possible.

Finally, we want to thank you for considering contributing to this community.